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Repurpose Consignment Sales

Repurpose Consignment Sales • Premier Online Drop Off Facility from San Francisco, CA

Repurpose Consignment Sales Inside our Store

At Repurpose Consignment Sales • we make it easy for anyone to sell their items online. As a premier online drop-off consignment company based in San Francisco, CA, we offer a nationwide service through a large number of storage facilities and warehouses that guarantees our customers the best assistance and understanding they deserve. Our slogan is "Providing upon Guarantees" and we strive to live up to that promise every day.

Simply bring your items to one of our stores and we'll take care of the rest. We professionally photograph your item, write descriptive copy, and list it on multiple online marketplaces. We also handle payment collection, packing, shipping, and customer service. Once your item sells, we send you a check.

We're the #1 online seller with more dollar sales on eBay than any other player. With 9 years of credibility, experience and reputation, our customers can have confidence that every item sold through our stores is backed by our size and experience. Visit our store and get a free online estimate of your item's sales value, see for yourself why we're the premier online drop-off consignment company in San Francisco, CA! Office Headquarters: Repurpose Consignment Sales, 625 Market St, San Francisco, CA was established in 2009.

Payment Methods: Invoice, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Money Orders, Personal Checks.

Don't forget that the most detailed information about Repurpose Consignment Sales you can always get on the official web-site, in the company's office or by calling by phone

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Products and services

Repurpose Consignment Sales Sell Other People’s Items

Repurpose Consignment Sales - Sells Other People’s Items

Looking to make money from your unwanted items? Repurpose Consignment Sales can help. We specialize in quickly and efficiently selling your items on top marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist, ensuring you get the best price possible. Let us handle the consignment process and turn your items into cash today."

Repurpose Consignment Sales Vehicle Listing

Repurpose Consignment Sales - Vehicle Listing

Want to sell your car quickly and affordably? Repurpose Consignment Sales offers a simple and straightforward process, with a flat service fee. Our comprehensive motor vehicle listing service includes a live, professionally-created eBay Motors Auction that will attract potential buyers to your listing. Start turning your car into cash today with Repurpose Consignment Sales.

Repurpose Consignment Sales Selling on Criagslist!

Repurpose Consignment Sales - Selling on Criagslist!

Craigslist is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell a wide range of products and services. You can easily search for listings in your city or switch to other locations. Best of all, there are no listing fees and your ads stay live for up to 45 days. To create a listing, simply select "For Sale" and pick a relevant category. Then, write a catchy title, set your asking price, add a detailed description, upload some images, and provide your email address. Press "Continue" to post your listing! With Repurpose Consignment Sales, delivery fees are already included in the asking price, making it a convenient and hassle-free way to sell!

Repurpose Consignment Sales Large Items Service

Repurpose Consignment Sales - Large Items Service

Our Large Items service is the perfect solution for anyone looking to sell items that are too big or heavy to transport to our store. Whether it's a piece of furniture, a large appliance, or any other item that can't easily be moved, we've got you covered. Once your item sells and payment is collected, we'll handle all the details of arranging for delivery to the buyer's location. So if you have something big to sell, don't let the logistics hold you back - use our Large Items service and let us take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Latest company reviews

Great buying experience. I was referred to Repurpose Consignment Sales by my friend. The Repurpose Consignment Sales process ended up saving me several thousand dollars and made the whole car shopping experience quicker and more pleasant. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

The service provided by Repurpose Consignment Sales was very innovative. I appreciate the way which they collect the heavy items form my location. Would recommend Repurpose Consignment Sales to any prospective customers. Excellent customer service from beginning to end.

From the first contact to the transfer of funds the whole experience was first class. They went above and beyond the necessary service levels. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company to friends, family and business contacts.

Outstanding prices, quick shipping! Very friendly and efficient customer service that greatly assisted me in placing my order.

I had a lot of questions and received helpful advice and got a good deal on a Polaris atv. Would recommend Repurpose Consignment Sales to anyone.

We like a lot of information when buying products. Repurpose Consignment Sales provides that on their website, but the ability to ask specific questions and get personalized answers is a true bonus. The answers from Repurpose Consignment Sales seem thoughtful and thorough.

After several purchases from and occasionally having a question, I can honestly say that their customer service, and both pre delivery and follow-up communications are top-notch.

Quick response and thorough explanation of solutions and links to subject matter for additional informationon my delayed transaction.

We had very good response to our listings from eBay and Craigslist. We were able to sell our motorhome in a reasonable time period, not as quickly as we thought, but was a good experience overall. Wouldn't hesitate to use Repurpose Consignment Sales again.

It helped me a lot with my buying experience knowing what I would to spend on my vehicle. Repurpose Consignment Sales gave me that great starting point. Getting a great deal and being realistic is key to making your purchase experience a good one.

This is a great tool to sell your bike. We sold our bike in 5 days. This is a great tool to help get the information to thousands. Easy to navigate website. We will use Repurpose Consignment Sales services again when needed.

I can't say enough good things about Repurpose Consignment Sales! They make the entire process easy. Everyone I've worked with (selling two cars and buying one) has been helpful, professional, and well informed. And, they will deliver the car to you! Cars are inspected, photographed, listed, and shown to potential buyers (if available). You don't have to do anything, but wait for the check to arrive. I recommend Repurpose Consignment Sales to anyone looking to buy or sell a car.

Repurpose Consignment Sales makes it easy to buy or sell your items, and provides a level of transparency that is rare among online stores and marketplaces.

Answer provided by Repurpose Consignment Sales expert was very good, however I replied with a follow-up question and received no response yet...

The whole experience of buying a car from Craigslist through Repurpose Consignment Sales was seamless from start to finish, with regular updates on the progress of our transaction and swift replies to any queries we had! Would definitely recommend this service to others!

Never used this type of service to purchase a boat before but i would certainly use it again with no problem. Many thanks to Adam and his team for a simple and straight forward purchase that saved me time and a lot of money and the boat delivered to my door. Excellent Service thank you!

My order arrived today from Repurpose Consignment Sales and the products were exactly as advertised by the seller. Worked perfectly.

Handed my utv over when I left for the airport and collected the check when I got back from my trip after 5 days. I got the full price they projected minus a small amount for their fees. Great service!

Well where do I begin.... I can't thank Repurpose Consignment Sales enough pleasant and polite service and couldn't do enough for me I highly recommend these guys!!

Best purchasing experience ever. I had the information to know I was getting a good deal from a trustworthy company. All went so smoothly, from shopping and deciding to purchasing. Thank you Repurpose Consignment Sales!

By using Repurpose Consignment Sales we purchased exactly what we wanted, for the best price and without the headaches.

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