Al Blagha Group, P.O. Box# 28007, Dammam Port - 31437, Saudi Arabia.

Dock 1


Dock No:1, with a lifting capacity of 22,000 tonnes deadweight, is situated at the western side of Dammam Shipyard with all the necessary connections from the shore infrastructure.

Adequate pumping systems are provided, which will result in a net pumping time of 90 minutes for lifting a 22,000 tonnes ship in Dock No:1.

  • A net pumping time of 90 minutesfor lifting 22,000 tonnes
Dock No: 1 Particulars
  • LOA: 215m
  • 22,000 tons lifting capacity
  • Width between runways: 35m
  • 24-ton crane (1 Unit)
  • 7-ton crane (1 Unit)

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