Health & Safety


Health & Safety

Dammam Shipyard believes that everyone has the right to finish their shift safely and without injury. For the Al Blagha Group nothing is more important than the safety of our and the clients' staff . Dammam Shipyard & Jeddah Ship Repair are following BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

It is an on-going company mission to develop and maintain high standards of safety throughout all operations, with our safety department taking ownership to ensure that employees never work under hazardous or dangerous conditions.

Our manager of Safety & Security is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all safety objectives are met in full. Overall enforcement of the safety policy is the responsibility of the Production Manager, Superintendents and Foremen who ensure that safe conditions and work practices are undertaken at all times. By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we contribute to the well-being of every person in our company at the same time as delivering consistently high quality work for our valued clients.